5 Reasons Why You Should Always Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges

Voloshen Law Firm - 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges

If you\’re facing criminal charges, it\’s really not something to take lightly. Penalties for criminal convictions include large fines, felony convictions, and even prison time. While you may be perfectly innocent, without effective representation, your chances of success are seriously limited. Here at Voloshen Law, we understand more than anyone else the importance of having a proper criminal lawyer. This is why we\’ve compiled these 5 reasons why you should always contact a criminal defense lawyer when facing criminal charges.


1. Their Knowledge of the Legal System Is Impeccable

To be a criminal defense lawyer, you need to know the legal system like the back of your hand. It takes years of training to pass the bar in any state. For criminal defense lawyers to remain successful, they also need to keep up to date with the changing landscape of the American justice system. There\’s no way anyone aside from a criminal defense lawyer can match this level of knowledge. 


2. They Can Negotiate Better Than Anyone Else

If your case doesn\’t seem too hopeful, it\’s certainly still worth getting a criminal defense lawyer. Seasoned criminal defense lawyers know how to achieve a reduced sentence through a plea bargain or another legal avenue that doesn\’t require you to plead guilty. Whether or not you are guilty, these may be your only options if the evidence is stacked against you! Employing a criminal defense lawyer could be the difference between a short and long stint in prison, or even between going and not going to prison at all!


3. They Can Help You Psychologically

Prosecutors are trained to wear the defense down by any measure necessary. You\’ve probably seen this on TV, but in real life, it can be much worse! Your professional criminal defense lawyer will have dealt with hundreds of cases and seen the emotional rollercoaster your about to go on, so they will also know how to help. In many ways, a large part of their job is managing these emotions for their client at both a personal and legal level.


4. They Can Get the Right Resources

Criminal cases are complex, and it\’s unlikely you\’ll know what to do without a criminal defense lawyer. Depending on your case, you may need to request access to or even fight for specific case evidence. Or, you may need to hire private investigators or even have testing done to provide evidence for the case. All of these take lots of organization, which your criminal defense lawyer can do. Without them, you\’ll find pushback at every turn, hindering your chances of success.


5. They Can Deal With the Paperwork

If you\’ve never practiced law, then you\’re probably unaware of the sheer amount of paperwork. It\’s really quite astounding! If you have limited knowledge of the criminal law system, just the paperwork alone will overwhelm you. Your criminal defense lawyer will be able to take this burden off your hands, allowing you to concentrate on other things such as providing an income for your family.

If you are facing criminal charges, it\’s never a good idea to represent yourself. Identifying and hiring a seasoned criminal defense lawyer could be the difference between freedom and incarceration. It\’s a no-brainer! If you require legal help or just some advice, look no further than Voloshen Law Firm. We are the number one law firm in Philadelphia, PA, and can help you with your case no matter the circumstances!


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