travel visa

Can I Apply for a B-1/B-2 Travel Visa for Someone Else?

When someone who is a citizen of a foreign country wants to enter the United States, the first step is obtaining a visa. This visa can be for a temporary stay or a nonimmigrant visa. Typically the nonimmigrant travel visa (B-1) is for business, sometimes for tourism (B-2), and sometimes a mixture of the two.

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Immigration Case

What Can I Do if My Immigration Case Is Taking Too Long?

The gears of the immigration process are notorious for grinding slowly. If there are missing documents or incorrect information, the process slows more. You want a full-service immigration lawyer like Voloshen Law to dot every I and cross every T for you. This, alone, helps move your case along. Nonetheless, some cases get stuck in

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declare bankruptcy

I Declare Bankruptcy; what’s Next?

When money gets tighter and tighter, the idea of bankruptcy comes to mind. But what happens when you declare bankruptcy? What comes next? Let’s take a step back for a minute. Do you need to file for bankruptcy? If the bank threatens to foreclose on the house or bill collectors are driving you crazy, the

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top immigration lawyer

Finding the Top Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

Immigration is a complex issue. People face different problems in their process of becoming a citizen and often have no idea how to proceed. The paperwork and terminology alone is daunting and confusing. It’s easy to make mistakes that, in turn, slow down your immigration efforts. This is why it is vital that you find

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Immigration status

Impact of a Criminal Record on My Immigration Status

During the process of applying for a green card,  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service needs to know if you’ve had any law enforcement problems that might stand in the way of becoming a citizen. The Immigration process is complex, and it’s easy to miss little things in your reporting. That’s why Voloshen Law has

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Immigration Lawyers in Bucks County, PA

Prosecutorial Discretion In Immigration Court: Can it Help Me? Immigration Lawyers in Bucks county

Immigration is a complex machine. There are many legal specifications to help you, depending on your situation. At Voloshen Law, Immigration Lawyers in Bucks County, PA, we understand how daunting the whole process can seem, and we are here to help. What Exactly is Prosecutorial Discretion? Basically, prosecutorial discretion allows government immigration agencies to decide

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