5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer to Represent You

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The process of gaining citizenship in the U.S. is tough and arduous, especially if you have no legal training in the area of immigration law. Even current U.S. citizens would find the process confusing and almost impossible to navigate, let alone someone whose first language isn\’t English. Many immigrants looking to gain citizenship or residency in the U.S. don\’t know the ins and outs of immigration law, which can land them in trouble during the application process and even lead to them having their application rejected. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire an immigration lawyer to represent you when applying for U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.


1. No More Mistakes

Applying for citizenship is complicated. Most people wouldn\’t be able to do this without extensive training so trying to do this alone will inevitably lead to mistakes that could cost you a future in this great country. Don\’t take these risks! Hiring a qualified immigration lawyer will ensure no mistakes are made on your application so you can have a stress-free and timely process for achieving U.S. citizenship.


2. Gain Invaluable Experience

There\’s nothing more valuable than experience when it comes to immigration law. Experienced lawyers will have seen it all and know what works and what doesn\’t. They will have met the judges and other officials that preside over the immigration process and know the precise details that each one looks for when making their decision. These slight yet fundamental details could be the difference between an acceptance or a rejection when it comes to your U.S. citizenship application.


3. They Can Use Procedural Maneuvers

Immigration lawyers will know the right procedural maneuvers to put you in good stead for your citizenship application. Whether it\’s finding you a good job with a reputable employer, getting you permanent residency, or obtaining a work permit, they will know what works best in the system to give you the best chances of success.


4. They Can Explain Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes your options might be limited. Maybe you face deportation, have already had an application rejected, or have a criminal record that puts you in a difficult position. Your immigration lawyer will be able to explain your options clearly and concisely, enabling you to make the decision that is best for your unique situation. This wouldn\’t be available to you without the support of experts.


5. You Can Get Help Once You Are a Permanent Resident

The process of getting citizenship can take years. You will likely need to obtain permanent residency first before then launching the citizenship application. Your immigration lawyer can help you turn your status from permanent resident to U.S. citizen, allowing you to have the same rights as those born in the U.S. This process is virtually impossible without a trained expert in the field.

The ins and outs of immigration law are treacherous and complicated. Falling at any hurdle can effectively end your chances of gaining residency or citizenship, or at least put it back by years. For those that want to increase their chances of success when it comes to applying for permanent residency or citizenship in the U.S., they should look no further than Voloshen Law Firm. Our highly accomplished and experienced immigration lawyer, Igor A. Voloshen, is focused on the quality and integrity of service. You\’ll be in the safest hands possible, maximizing your chances of a successful residency or citizenship application.

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