How Immigration Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA Can Help Reunite Family

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In our years of practicing immigration law, one of the most fulfilling cases is those where we at Voloshen Law can help reunite families. The importance of skilled attorneys in this process makes the endeavor easier, more understandable, and less stressful. When someone comes to the United States leaving family behind, it’s no surprise that they want to reunite with their loved ones.  Here is what you need to know about reuniting with family and how immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, PA can help.

Immigration Complexities in Reuniting Families

But as you soon find out, there are a lot of parts and pieces that can cause problems. For example, if members of the family have pending legal matters, it makes things far more challenging. Those challenges are where professional lawyers, like those at Voloshen Law, provide assistance and support.


Another hurdle for immigration attorneys in Philadelphia, PA is paper work-mounds and mounds of required paperwork. Your family member cannot have an invalid visa, for example. Your lawyer can help you get all the documents together and ensure they are accurate. You don’t want your application coming back because you forgot to fill out something.

Challenges to Admissible Immigration

Also, if the immigration authorities deem a family member inadmissible, it’s a bit of a pickle. They may have a criminal record, represent a security concern, or have violated immigration laws previously. In this case, your lawyer will devise a defense for that individual and argue for their admission. 


The role of family-based immigration lawyers is, first, to provide you with the right petitions and review them for errors. Second, visa processing is sadly backlogged. You can wait years before you reunite with your family member. Your lawyer can not only make sure your paperwork is correct but also check on your application regularly. 

Ongoing Changes to Immigration Law

Additionally, navigating immigration laws is like sailing on an ever-changing sea. Policies change and update. As a successful immigration attorney in Philadelphia, PA, it’s Voloshen Law’s Team’s responsibility to be on top of those variables to protect your rights. We also offer various options so you get a complete picture.

At Court

When the time comes to go to court, your lawyer will represent you in the best possible light. You’re going to be nervous—that’s normal. We can prepare you so you know what to expect, like questions they may ask. The most important thing is being totally honest. A lie can shut down your goal of reuniting your family quickly and potentially permanently.

Consider Voloshen

If you need a family lawyer, we are here to help. No matter your situation, we have experience to guide you. Our firm knows the complexity of immigration law inside and out. You don’t have to go it alone. 

If you wish, you can get a consultation about your situation before you begin the process. This gives you a feel for how we handle cases. 

We have offices in Huntingdon Valley, PA, and Boca Raton, FL. Visit our website for an online contact form. Or, call our office at 215-437-7854.


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