Investor and Entrepreneur Visas: Building Businesses in the United States

Investor and Entrepreneur Visas

There are investors and entrepreneurs interested in obtaining a visa for their business endeavors. As you might imagine, this process is time-consuming and often overwhelming. If you are a busy manager, it’s well worth your while to seek out a full-service immigration law firm in Pennsylvania, PA, like Voloshen Law.

Let’s take a closer look at the various factors for gaining an investor and entrepreneur visa for building a business in the U.S.

The Visa Process

  1. Petitioning

You must file an Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur before moving into the application.

  1. Application Process.

In this part of your application, you must submit various forms. The documents requested frame whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria for an investor’s visa. Here’s the conundrum: There are several types of inverter and entrepreneur visas.

  • E2: The E2 visa allows you to work in the United States based on a substantial investment in a business. This visa lasts from 3 months to five years and can be extended
  • EB5: This is an investor visa grant that extends resident status. The investor must meet certain qualifications. The investor’s family, including spouses and children under 21, receive a green card, too.
  • EB-1C: This visa is directed toward multinational executives and managers. You can have a company with which you’re working abroad that has business in the United States.
  • International Entrepreneur Rule: You must be involved (ownership interest) with a business that began within the last five years. You must maintain an active role in that business financially, promoting growth and leading to success.

Of these three, EB1 and EB-1C make up the majority of sanctioned visas. A qualified immigration like Voloshen Law can guide you in the right choice and everything that comes thereafter.

Investor and Entrepreneur Visas 2
  1. Money Matters

During your application review, there are two key financial matters. You must have an investment of $1,000,000 or $500,000 if the business is in an area of high unemployment or based in a rural area.

  1. The Interview

After you or your lawyer file all the required forms, you will set up an interview. Interviews take place at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience, business plan, and your investment. 

  1. Approval

If all goes well, your application will be granted so you can live and work in the United States. Note that there is always a chance you may be recalled to answer more questions, fix errors on paperwork, and deliver more documents. That’s why it’s so important to tie up all your loose ends.

Getting Help

Yes, qualified and experienced lawyers help you understand all the necessary cogs in the machine of obtaining this visa. But, more importantly, they save you time. It’s easy to overlook a step or question. Your lawyer steps into that gap so the process goes smoothly.

Let Voloshen Law’s trained professionals help you. You can contact us anytime online. Or give our Huntingdon Valley, PA office a call. (215)-437-7854.


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