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Criminal Law practice in Bucks County and Philadelphia

Our firm focuses on providing effective representation and defense in areas such as: DUI, retail theft, assault, and drug offenses.


The criminal process begins with an accusation of a crime. The accusation can happen by indictment or information. If the offense is minor, a certified complaint by a police officer is enough to get the criminal process going. A skilled attorney is vital to the success of defending a case from the prosecutorial powers of the jurisdiction because knowledge of procedure is key. Both parties in the case, that being the state and the defendant, are mandated by law to follow a procedural code. In Pennsylvania, at the outset of a criminal case, a showing of probable cause must be made by the prosecution at the preliminary hearing. At this juncture in the matter, a skilled attorney will be able to get charges dropped or reduced by finding deficiencies in both the prosecution’s theory of the case and procurement of evidence (4th amendment violations).

If you find yourself in need of legal defense, feel free to contact Voloshen Law Firm for a free consultation.

If you find yourself in need of legal defense, feel free To

contact Voloshen Law Firm for a free consultation

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