5 Ways to Get Your US Green Card

5 Ways to Get Your US Green Card

The US is seen by many around the world as the land of opportunity, so it\’s no surprise there\’s a large number of people looking to get a US green card that allows them to live and work in the country. Not many people know all the different ways you can gain a US green card, so here at The Voloshen Law Firm, we\’ve compiled our list of 5 ways to get your US green card.

Marry a US Citizen

If you’ve seen the TV show 90-Day Fiancé, you\’re probably aware that marrying a US citizen entitles you to the right to live and work in the US. When you get married, your spouse automatically becomes a close relative, meaning they qualify to sponsor your visa application. But you can\’t just marry for the sake of getting the visa—your marriage must be genuine. If you\’re convicted of plotting a sham marriage in the US, you could spend time behind bars and be deported.

Internationally Recognized Achievements

The US wants the best of the best to help make a difference. This is why there\’s a green card granted to those deemed to have \”extraordinary ability.\” In some cases, this includes celebrities such as singers and actors who have won Grammys or Oscars. However, it could also include extraordinary work in academic and medical fields, engineering, or literature.

Use Your Money to Invest in the US Economy

Those that have money to invest can apply for the EB-5 investor program. This program allows investors who invest at least $500,000 in their business and create at least 10 new jobs in the US to gain a green card. These prerequisites, however, are currently being discussed in Congress, and the required investment amount could increase to as much as $900,000 very soon.

Get Lucky

Every year, 55,000 applicants for the US green card lottery are granted a green card at random. Most of these applicants come from underrepresented nationalities in the US to help increase diversity among the US population. If you\’re hoping to get yourself a US green card, it\’s worthwhile applying to the green card lottery. Who knows? You may get lucky!

Study and Stay

Students who come from abroad and study in the US are entitled to a 1-year post-graduate visa called an Optional Practical Training permit. If you get a job in the year following your graduation and your boss is willing to sponsor you for a US green card, you can apply for a green card. However, your boss will need to prove that no other American person can do the job you are doing. If you plan to go the study and stay route, make sure you study a specialist subject so you can prove that no other American worker can do your job.

The green card is the holy grail for many people that hope to live and work in the US, but it\’s not always easy to get one. If you\’re planning to move to the US but don\’t know how to obtain a green card, some of the options mentioned above could be good options for you. If you do decide to pursue any of these routes, it\’s a good idea to have a trusted lawyer by your side. At The Voloshen Law Firm, our trusted lawyers are experts at getting foreign nationals US green cards to stay and work in the US. Give us a call at (215) 437-7854 to find out how we can help you.


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