Common FAQs About Green Card Applications

Common FAQs About Green Card Applications

A Green Card—more correctly known as a Permanent Residency Card—is proof of the holder\’s status as a permanent resident of the United States. It enables you to work, live, and move freely within the US. For many people, the process of getting a Green Card can be long and confusing. To help make things a little clearer, we\’ve compiled a list of the top FAQs we get about Green Cards, and we\’ve answered them for you.

Do I Need To Translate My Documents Into English?

Yes. All Green Card application documents need to be translated into English. This includes all official documents such as birth certificates.

I Am a US Citizen. Can I Sponsor Someone for a Green Card?

Yes, you can sponsor a foreign spouse or fiancé if you are a US citizen. You are also able to sponsor your foreign children and close relatives such as parents and siblings.

I Am a Lawful Permanent Resident. Can I Sponsor Someone for a Green Card?

For Lawful Permanent Residents, there are more restrictions on who they can sponsor for a Green Card. They may petition to sponsor a spouse, unmarried children under 21, or an unmarried son or daughter of any age. 



How Long Does the Green Card Application Process Take?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and it\’s really one of the hardest to answer. For some people, the application process can take as little as 10 months. However, it can also take 3 or more years, depending on the specific type of application you\’re pursuing. It also depends on how organized you are with your documents and application material.

Can I Work While Waiting for My Green Card?

If you are waiting for your Green Card application to go through, you need to have a valid work visa or work permit to legally engage in work. The work permit you would need is called an Employment Authorization Document. 

What Are the Differences Between the K-1 Fiancé Visa and the Marriage Green Card?

The K-1 fiancé visa enables US citizen fiancés or spouses to come to the US for 90 days. Once that 90-day limit is reached, the citizen and foreign spouse must marry, or the foreign spouse must leave. Marriage Green Cards are for US citizens who marry spouses from outside of the US while they\’re outside of the country. The K-1 fiancé visa typically costs more than $2,000, while the Marriage Green Card costs $1,200.

Green Card applications are complicated and can really wear you down. However, just knowing that the holy grail of being able to live, work, and travel in the US for the rest of your life sits at the end of the process is enough to spur people on. Here at Voloshen Law Firm, our experienced immigration lawyers regularly help applicants in their quest to obtain a US Green Card. We hope answering these FAQs has helped you understand the process a little better. If you\’re looking for more in-depth legal counsel, call us at (215) 437-7854 or contact us via our website today.


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