The Latest Updates on US Immigration News

The Latest Updates on US Immigration News

The US has an immigration system that is currently going through major changes due to the recent shifts in governments administration in the US. This means there are lots of moving parts for anyone that wants to navigate the US immigration system. Here at Voloshen Law Firm, we’re offering you some of the most important news updates on US immigration over the last few months.

The Diversity Visa Lottery Winner for 2021 Have Been Announced

The Diversity Visa Lottery was first brought into use in 1990 to try and diversify the immigrant population in the US. This year, 55,000 people were randomly selected to win permanent residency in the US. According to statistics from the USCIS, the highest proportion of winners came from Egypt, Sudan, Russia, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Ukraine. For these lucky winners, a life of opportunity awaits them in the US!

Clarity on Immigrants’ Rights to COVID-19 Vaccinations

There has been some confusion as to whether immigrants are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the state-sponsored rollout. The government has now clarified that they will offer the vaccine to everyone, regardless of their immigration status. Despite this announcement, the percentage of immigrants who have received the vaccine still remains significantly lower than the number of home-born citizens. This has raised concerns that immigrant communities may see further outbreaks of the virus. Now, the government has made it clear that you don\’t need to be a citizen to receive the vaccine. They hope that this will encourage more people to come forward to take it.


COVID-19 Vaccinations


USCIS Has Updated Their Policy on Citizenship for Children Born Abroad Through Assisted Reproductive Technology

In May, the USCIS announced that they will ensure “fair access and support for all families and their loved ones” with regards to children born abroad through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The parents of children born through ART won\’t be required to be the genetic or legally gestational parent of the child if they can prove that they were married to a genetic or gestational parent at the time of the child\’s birth. This, the USCIS hopes, will reduce barriers to immigration for those that should be entitled to citizenship based on parental connections.

More Admin Staff Assigned To Deal With DACA Backlog

The well-documented backlog of the DACA applications (also known as \”dreamers\”), has been offered a helping hand as the federal government assigns more admin staff to help reduce the application backlog. The program protects young people who were illegally brought to the US as children from deportation. It\’s reported that the backlog now sits at over 81,000 DACA applications, and the USCIS is struggling to meet demand. By employing more admin staff to deal with the backhaul as well as making efforts to educate applicants on how to fill in the application to facilitate a smooth process, the government hopes to reduce the deficit.

If you\’re looking to move to the US, you must keep up with changing affairs in immigration news. Who knows? You may find something that directly affects your chances of reaching the US and settling there permanently. If you\’re looking for quality, trusted advice from expert immigration lawyers, look no further than Voloshen Law Firm. Our team is ready to assist you in following your dreams of moving to the US for a better life.


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