Common Myths Surrounding The Naturalization Process

naturalization process

At Voloshen Law, we have experienced clients who have the wrong ideas about how immigration works. Various myths and misconceptions often surround the naturalization process. Let’s debunk some of them:

  • Myth: Naturalization is an automatic process once you meet the requirements. Fact: While meeting the ​eligibility criteria is crucial, naturalization is not an automatic process. It can be time-consuming and requires specific steps: filing an ​application, attending an interview, and passing an English and civics test.
  • Myth: Naturalization is only for those with extensive education or high skills. Fact: Naturalization is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds. While some countries may have specific requirements related to education or skill level, many countries prioritize factors such as good moral character, residency duration, and proficiency in the country’s language.
  • Myth: Naturalized citizens have fewer rights than born citizens. Fact: Once naturalized, individuals typically enjoy the same rights and privileges as those born in the country. They gain the right to vote, hold public office, access social benefits, and enjoy the same protections under the law.
  • Myth: Naturalization requires giving up your original citizenship. Fact: Many countries allow dual citizenship, meaning individuals can hold citizenship in more than one country. This allows naturalized citizens to maintain their original citizenship while obtaining the citizenship of the naturalized country.
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  • Myth: Naturalization guarantees protection from deportation. Fact: While naturalization provides a higher level of security against deportation than other immigration statuses, it is not an absolute guarantee. Certain serious criminal offenses committed post-naturalization can lead to the revocation of citizenship and potential deportation. This is one area in which having good legal representation becomes essential. Reach out to professionals like those at Voloshen Law. who have extensive knowledge of deportation laws.
  • Myth: Naturalization applications always get approved. Fact: Naturalization applications undergo a thorough review process, including background checks and evaluations, to ensure compliance with eligibility requirements. Sometimes, they may deny applications based on various factors, such as criminal history, misrepresentation, or failure to meet specific criteria.
  • Myth: Naturalization is a quick and easy process. Fact: The naturalization process can be lengthy and involves several steps. It may require gathering and submitting extensive documentation, attending interviews, undergoing background checks, and passing exams. The duration of the process can vary depending on the country and individual circumstances.

Remember, it’s essential to seek accurate information from official government sources or consult with an immigration attorney to navigate the naturalization process and avoid falling for common myths. The State of Pennsylvania has resources to help with your search and concerns.

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