What is a Skills Verification Letter?

skills verification letter

As expert immigration lawyers in Bucks County, PA, Voloshen Law knows there are many moving parts to immigration. One of them is a skills verification letter. As the name implies, this ​document confirms or validates an ​individual’s skills, ​qualifications, or ​expertise in a particular area as part of the Permanent Labor Certification. A previous employer, supervisor, or colleague who can attest to the person’s abilities and proficiency in a specific skill set typically writes it.

This document is common when a company sponsors a foreign worker so they can get an employment-based green card in the US. The skills verification letter includes:

  1. The position title
  2. The name of the company
  3. When the job begins and ends
  4. Whether the work is full-time or part-time
  5. List of job duties
  6. What experience or knowledge the position offers
  7. Signer’s title and contact information.


When you come to the United States for a job, a skills verification letter provides authentic evidence of your competence, qualifications, and personal growth in that position. This decreases the chance of falsified resumes. Besides immigration, you can use the letter for various personal goals and objectives, such as other job applications or to further your education. 

The skills qualification letter reveals your accomplishments. It should list projects you worked on (and the results). It’s easy to see the importance of asking for a skills verification letter from someone with direct knowledge of your aptitudes. This person lends credibility to your immigration request. A former supervisor is ideal. The relationship you’ve built in your employment adds to the overall tone of the letter. Provide this individual with any relevant details or materials so they can assess your competency accurately.

What needs to be verified?

  • Specific skills related to a particular job or industry. For example, programming languages, medical software proficiency, data analysis, project management, or any other technical skills relevant to the position.
  • Soft Skills: These are non-technical skills that are important for success in any job. Think communication, teamwork, flexibility, problem-solving, leadership, adaptability, and time management.
  • Educational qualifications such as degrees, certifications, or diplomas.
  • Work experience, including the duration of employment, job responsibilities, and achievements.
  • Specialized training or workshops relevant to the job, put it in the letter. Include any certifications.


Immigration authorities often require evidence of an individual’s skills and qualifications as part of their ​visa application process. A skills verification letter, written by a ​previous employer, ​supervisor, or colleague who can vouch for the individual’s proficiency in a specific skill set, serves as valuable evidence supporting an immigration application to authorities.

Note that the requirements for these letters vary depending on the immigration program. A full-service immigration lawyer, like those at Voloshen Law, can help sort this matter out. You want to get it right the first time so you don’t have to go back and start all over.

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