How to choose a Full Service Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia PA

When you need well-rounded assistance for immigration issues, you may wonder how to choose full service immigration lawyer, like Voloshen Law, in Philadelphia, PA. You need someone with an excellent track record. Your lawyer should also be someone you can trust and who treats you like an individual, not simply another client. 

The number of immigrants in Philadelphia is growing rapidly. That means more lawyers. You have a lot of options. Like every other industry, not all lawyers are \”good.\”

What to Look for in an Immigration Lawyer

There are three things that the best immigration lawyers have:

Experience. The more time a lawyer spends in immigration law, the more likely it is that you\’ll receive positive results. Voloshen Law was named in the Top 100 lawyers in immigration in 2016.

Qualifications: What degrees does the lawyer hold? Are they a member of significant organizations?

Communication: Your situation is highly significant for you and your loved ones. The last thing you want to do is wait by the phone. Your lawyer should relay each step in your process, ask questions that will help the case, and meet with you more than once. During those meetings, you\’ll learn about your rights, which is vital. It helps if the office has individuals that speak other languages for complete understanding. 


Other Important Steps to Finding an Agency Offering Full-Service Immigration Law 

You\’re probably anxious, but finding the perfect match for your circumstances is important. It\’s best if you interview at least three law firms before making a decision. Start by getting referrals, or if possible, ask friends and family who they recommend. They\’re going to steer you to the place where they had the best experience. 

Always check the firm\’s credentials. There are databases where you can look up the agency. You can also read reviews posted with the Better Business Bureau. The state of Pennsylvania has a resource site

Ask for those references. Actually, contact the references. It\’s amazing how many people see a list of names and simply trust it. 

Finally, assess your gut instincts. You need to find a good fit. They may look perfect on paper, but a face-to-face meeting can change everything. If English is your second language, consider any potential communication issues, too.

Voloshen Law: Full Service Immigration Lawyer Philadelphia PA

There are so many ways a full service immigration lawyer can help you get the best results possible based on your situation. We offer consultations so you can get a feel for our expertise. We can provide you with ideas and information to help you get started on this journey. Don\’t be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary so you understand what services we provide and the support we provide going forward.

The best ways to contact our Huntingdon Valley, PA office are online and by phone. This is the online form. Or, just pick up the phone: 215-437-7854. 


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