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If you are facing deportation, it\’s wise to find a good Deportation Defense Lawyer in Bucks County PA. As deportation defense lawyers in Bucks County, PA, we at Voloshen Law have seen firsthand what knowledgeable representation can do for you. Let\’s face it; this is a frightening time and highly emotional, and it\’s hard to think straight, let alone understand all the ins and outs of removal procedures. Thankfully, experienced deportation defense attorneys can help you avoid deportation, maintain your job, and keep your family from being separated.

Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security acts as a neutral party when considering immigration cases that come before them. Your lawyer acts as your advocate. They know the laws, most of which are foreign to average people.

Deportation is not a criminal process. Nonetheless, when denied your asylum application or green card renewal, you must know your rights. As with the law, these may seem convoluted, and your defense attorney can explain everything you need to know.

Should the reason for your court appearance be due to criminal activity, the situation becomes even more complex. Deportation defense becomes even more important. Your immigration status factors into the equation, too.



The Process – Deportation Defense Lawyer in Bucks County PA

So, how does the deportation process work? It all begins with a Master Calendar Hearing. They\’re short and sweet. Your attorney reviews the case\’s specifics with the Judge and DHS attorney. Together, they\’ll outline the reasons for deportation and the relief you seek. 

Next comes an individual hearing, which equates to a trial. At this point, both the government and your lawyer argue the case. You will have the opportunity to testify and tell your story, and your attorney guides you with questions that bring to bear your specific circumstances.

Now comes the hard part, the government attorney questions you, and they won\’t be easily answered. Thankfully, your defense attorney can bring questions again at the end of their interrogation, and you can have witnesses prepared who can speak on your behalf, too. 

Finally, the judge issues a decision. Normally, you would get the results then and there. However, if your case is complex, the judge may take more time to think about it and send you (and your lawyer) results by mail. If the decision goes against you, you have the right to appeal.

Several factors determine the length of your case. Importantly, these may include which Immigration Court you are in, which Judge you have, and how quickly you can put together your application and supporting evidence.

Sometimes, cases in Immigration Court may take several years, and this is most common for those who are not in detention. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Immigration Courts across the country had a severe backlog of cases. Amazingly, some Courts would schedule hearings 2-3 years apart.


How Long Does it Take?

Covid 19 backed up immigration courts even further. There was already a long waiting period due to the number of people hoping to remain in the U.S. If there is an urgent matter, your defense lawyer can try and speed up your case.


Voloshen Law: Deportation Defense Lawyer in Bucks County PA

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