Moving to the USA: Everything you need to know!

When you’re considering relocation, there’s a lot of things on the “to do” list. In working as a full-service immigration law office, Voloshen Law Firm has seen people struggle with having all the information and documents they need when moving to the USA. This article is meant to help get you started. 

US Immigration Process: An Overview

In moving to the US, it helps to have a basic idea of how immigration works. There are three goals to US immigration namely reuniting families, attracting people with specific skills, protecting refugees, and promoting diversity. Currently, 675,000 people can be granted permanent immigration visas annually. There are some individuals who are also admitted as non-citizens temporarily. Examples are foreign students or employment-based visas. 

Each situation has specific requirements. For example, family-based immigration requires a sponsor and documentation that establish the legitimacy of their relationship. They also need a specific income, affirming the sponsor will remain financially responsible for the family member. 

Three Important Immigration Points



Do you need a Job?

You don’t necessarily need to move to the US without a job, but it won’t be easy. When you have employment, you can obtain a work visa. Your company acts as your sponsor for the application. There is, however, a huge hitch. As you apply for a job, you might come in contact with a scammer asking for money to process your inquiry. This is illegal.

Tip: If a recruiter asks for payment for your training, visa, green card, coaching, or administration it’s a huge red flag. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission. 

What about a Green Card?

In order to obtain a Green Card, which offers permanent residency, you’ll need someone in the US to act as your sponsor. The whole process can be very time-consuming, in some cases taking several years. If you have skills needed in the US, it helps, but Green Cards have an annual quota. If you’re having a difficult time, reach out to Voloshen’s trained professionals in either Boca Ratan, FL, or Huntingdon Valley, PA (215-437-7854) for some valuable insights via consultation.

Grab Several Pens. There’s a TON of Paperwork

You will need numerous documents when you land in the US. It’s vital you keep them with you in your carry-on so they don’t get lost. As top immigration lawyers in Bucks County, PA, we recommend you obtain the following: 

  • Academic certificates
  • Banking information (statements and investments)
  • Birth certificate for you and your children
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical history
  • Medical insurance
  • Passport
  • Resume (CV)
  • Visa
  • Work contract 

If you have these assembled, it will make your time at the border go more quickly. 

Need Help?

There is no question that immigration is a complex matter. All the red tape, let alone the terms, can become overwhelming. When you’re not certain as to what to do next, contact one of our highly trained immigration lawyers. If you worry about finances, we have several payment plan options to alleviate stress. We can help you with asylum questions, green card marriages, and basically all things immigration. 

You can use our online contact form to get things started. Let us help you navigate your move to the USA.


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