Work Permit (EAD) Renewal: The Complete Guide 2022

A work permit (EAD) is one of the many different entry visas for coming to the US. Having a work visa allows you to obtain work if you haven’t got a job already. ‘After, you file an I-765 employment authorization application. No matter your professional background, this authorization is vital. There is a limited time on the visa before it has to be renewed. 

EAD Renewal 101

One of the areas in which the legal professionals at Voloshen Law Firm help people is in obtaining their Work Permit renewal. You need to get ahead of the process so your current EAD doesn\’t expire before you have a new one. Without it, your employment may be at risk.

Work Permit Validity

The renewal framework can be different depending on an applicant’s status. Most often, you will get a 1 year permit with the option to renew. How often you can renew also depends on your immigration status. 

As a full-service immigration law firm in Bucks County, Pa, we are very results-driven. We recognize the need for you to feel stable and secure in your job. If you are trying to get a Green Card or Asylum status, you may be eligible for a two-year EAD. 

When to File

We strongly suggest beginning your renewal permit paperwork about four months before your current EAD expires. You can file it online, or download it for completion and mailing. 

Why so early? Like anything else, your EAD renewal may hit potholes along the way. Events can change. And if you don’t renew in time you may get in trouble for unauthorized employment.


Renewal Process

The process for renewal is the same as it was when you got your original permit. You file the I-765 form along with specific required evidence. You will need:

  • Your current EAD
  • Two identical passport photos
  • A government-issued ID
  • Printout of your 1-94 (both sides), passport, or other travel documents

Individuals with an I-485 status (green card adjustment) must also present proof of a pending AOS petition in the form of your receipt notice.

EAD Replacement

In some cases, you may need your EAD replaced. If it was lost or stolen (or somehow damaged), then you need a replacement. You will also need one should the information on the permit be incorrect. 

When stolen, you have to use an I765 again and pay the filing fee. If there’s incorrect information you follow the same process as renewal and pay a fee. You’ll have to submit the card with the errors on it, note the problems, and provide documentation for corrections. Note that if the USCIS made the error, you will not be charged another filing fee. 

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Having an immigration lawyer help you with your work permit renewal means there’s a lot less pressure on you to make sure everything is correct. It is our job at Voloshen Law to walk you through each step and make sure the process goes smoothly. 

We have offices in Boca Raton, FL, and Huntingdon Valley, PA (215-437-7854). Feel free to call us any time, use our online contact form, or request a consultation.     


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