New Immigration Opportunities Under the New US Government

New Immigration Opportunities Under the New US Government

We\’re sure you\’ve noticed that there\’s a new president in the White House. Whatever your political leaning might be, this means there will be drastic changes to the US immigration system. In this blog post, we will explain what changes you can expect to see with the introduction of the new political administration here in the US.

A Revised Border Policy

The US border has been a hot topic over the last few years, with both major political administrations in the country polarized about how the border should be policed. The newly appointed administration has ended the national emergency status attributed to the US-Mexico border that was put in place by the previous administration. Additionally, the new administration had put together a regional framework that will investigate the root causes of immigration across the US-Mexico border. In the future, this will form the basis for action to be taken at the root cause of immigration. The new administration has also ended the restriction of entry to the US from certain Muslim majority countries.

Complete Bureaucratic Reorganization

The US immigration system is complex, and the new administration has recognized that many Americans have lost faith in it. With a new bureaucratic reorganization of the immigration system, the new administration hopes to make it easier and more efficient for government agencies to keep track of undocumented immigrants in the US. This new system will also help to reduce the anti-immigrant sentiment that had been increasing across the US under the previous administration. This bureaucratic reorganization will also include the establishment of a task force that will tackle and seek to irradicate child separation during the immigration process. With the world\’s media focusing on this issue under the previous administration, the new administration wants to ensure that the experience for families going through the immigration process is less traumatic.


New Immigration Opportunities Under the New US Government


Create an Eight-Year Path to Citizenship

The new administration also wants to put in place a new directive that allows undocumented immigrants currently residing in the US the opportunity to achieve citizenship in eight years. This will include passing background checks, proving a history of paying taxes, and having a history of few or no convictions. Once they have passed these checks, they will receive the opportunity to live and work in the US for five years, and then
can apply for a green card that offers them the chance to gain full citizenship after three more years. This initiative spells hope for the estimated eleven million undocumented immigrants currently living in the US.

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