Top Reasons Applicants are Denied at their Citizenship Interview

Citizenship Interview

There are a lot of requirements for becoming a US Citizen, ones of which a full-service immigration law firm like Voloshen remains aware. You probably have no idea of the specifics of obtaining citizenship, and to be honest, the process can be very emotional and frustrating. Having legal representation can help you move through each step without having to go back for other requirements.

Requirements for Naturalization

To become a citizen of the United States, there are 6 general requirements. A person must be

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. Currently residing in the United States, within the jurisdiction of a USCIS office
  3. Morally sound and upright with strong ethics
  4. Literate in English (read, write, speak)
  5. Declare loyalty to the US Constitution
  6. Able to pass a civics test on US government and history (to pass, you must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly)
Citizenship Interview 2

What About Legal Issues?

At Voloshen Law, we have come into contact with people who have struggled with legal issues in the past. If you have convictions on serious matters like drug trafficking and murder can block your ability to obtain citizenship. Less severe offenses like a DUI can put you into a temporary holding pattern for a set number of years.

Presence in the United States

Another of the top reasons applicants are denied at their citizenship interview is the inability to prove continual presence in the United States. Basically, you could not have taken more than 6 months of travel out of the US over a five-year period.

Taxation & Child Support

Owing money to the IRA can deter your citizen application. You must resolve this before moving forward. Once you’ve paid what you own, you can fill out the citizenship application.

Having unpaid child support works similarly. You will need a family law attorney to assist you in reconciling the matter before you file for citizenship.

If you owe child support or any other family obligations ordered by the court, you will not be eligible for citizenship.

Be aware that both these situations are serious in the eyes of the USCIS. They go against your moral fitness to become a citizen.

Falsehoods at the Interview

It’s not surprising that making misrepresentations at the interview or on your application could lead to the denial of citizenship. Your best friend is the truth. If you have questions, ask the USCIS officer and a legal representative like Voloshen Law.

Getting Legal Representation

If you are in either the Huntington Vally, PA or Boca Raton, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out for information. In immigration, nothing happens overnight. But our professionals at Voloshen Law can give you a good idea of where things stand and what you need to do for success. 

As a full-service immigration agency, it’s our job to help you with the sticking points of your case. Get sound advice and assistance you can trust while you are gathering all your paperwork, too.

Our Phone number is 215-437-7854, or you can use our online contact form.


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