Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer: Finding the Best Legal Representation for Your Case

the Right Lawyer

Legal matters make many people antsy. There are a lot of lawyers from which to choose, yet figuring out the best legal representation for your case feels daunting. At Voloshen Law, we strongly advocate doing some research. Finding a good lawyer who understands your case is vital for success.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Folks regularly find themselves in situations where they need legal representation. And it’s not always because they’re in trouble. You need lawyers for things like setting up a business or making real estate transactions.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer

While it might seem obvious, check on the firms in which you have an interest and see if they can handle your type of case. Not all law firms cover every area of practice. Sometimes, if you’re fortunate, the agency will offer referrals suited to your situation. Use them.


You are going to be hard-pressed to find people who have NOT used a lawyer for something at some time. Perhaps they can share with you their experience. Make a list of what they tell you. Thanks to the internet, you can find many highly reputable free services that can help guide your decisions. The Bar Association in your state is an excellent starting point. 

Read Reviews & Check References

Among the tips for choosing the right lawyer and finding the best legal representation, you’d be amazed at how many people skip this step. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. Whether you have a bankruptcy or civil litigation, those reviews reflect on the company greatly.

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Have a Brief Phone Touchstone Before Making an Appointment

This is really just to see the quality of care you receive. Was the operator friendly and helpful? That person is the company’s gatekeeper, and they are supposed to represent the agency’s culture. Just ask a few simple things like their hours and more specifics on location.


Come to your initial appointment armed with a list of questions. For example

  • What type of costs will you face? If your lawyer is experienced, they can give you a solid estimate. 
  • Team work. If the lawyer has other lawyers of paralegals, ask who would be handling your file. You need to speak with that individual.
  • Can they help you? This is a moment to provide a VERY brief overview of your situation so the lawyer can assess if they are a match.
  • When you have questions, how soon can you expect a response? Legal agencies like Voloshen Law are busy. Nonetheless, an excellent team means excellent service with reasonable turn-around times.

Post Meeting Assessment: Tips for Choosing the Right Lawyer – Finding the Best Legal Representation for Your Case

Read over the notes you took to your appointment. Sit for a while and ask if you feel at ease with the lawyer. How did they answer your questions and concerns? It really helps if you and your lawyer are a good fit together. You do not have to say “yes” to the first firm you contact. We recommend comparing three firms for a larger picture.

At Voloshen Law, we understand this decision isn’t easy. We are open to you contacting us online or by calling 215-437-7854


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