7 Reasons It is Bad to Wait to Apply for a Green Card?

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Sometimes, applying for a green card gets put on hold for other matters in your life. Our advice at Voloshen Law is to get on top of your petition as soon as possible to avoid negative consequences. Like what? 

  1. Back of the line: when you delay your application, you must wait longer. Consider that the National Visa Center reports that immigration reviews number over 350,000 in the backlog.
  2. Costs: Immigration fees change regularly. When you’re ready, you may face higher fees than right now. Beyond this, waiting may hinder your ability to get certain jobs, which impacts your bottom line.
  3. Lost Career Opportunities: Some educational programs, specialized scholarships, and occupations require legal immigration status.
  4. The potential of policy changes. Such changes, like new paperwork, can impact your green card process, sometimes making it more difficult.
  5. Away from Family: You have family who are natural-born citizens or those with a green card. The longer you delay, the longer it will be before you can get back to them.
  6. Visa expiration: If you are in the ​United States on a temporary ​visa, it could expire before you apply for your green card. You can be charged with unlawful presence, which affects your immigration status.
  7. Limits to employment opportunities. Many employers hesitate to hire someone without a permanent residency status. You could miss out on a significant career move because of the delay.
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Is it Time for an Attorney?

When you realize what delays are costing you, having an expert immigration attorney can be a relief. They will know of any changes and help you make them before applying. Applying for a green card can be a long and tedious process and one in which many get discouraged. As your attorney, Voloshen Law becomes your advocate, explaining what you need to know and how best to proceed. Messing up legal compliance can make things miserable.

There is no substitutions for experience. Your lawyer knows the legal processes and the pitfalls involved in getting a green card. They should review the entire application and make sure you meet all the necessary requirements. While late, the accuracy of the petition can increase the chances of success. 

If your application has complexities, that’s where we can step in. What kind of particulars? Examples include contractual obligations, non-disclosure agreements, and intellectual property.

When you have a full-service immigration law firm, you have an immediate means of handling disputes and controversies, too, like whether your skills verification letter is accurate. It is our job to navigate the issue and find a fair resolution.

Beyond this, Voloshen Law provides some protection against legal liability. If something on your application seems misleading, it must be addressed. We can guide you in the best practices based on the situation. 

Where to Find Voloshen Law

We have offices in Huntingdon Valley, PA, and Boca Raton, Florida. You can use our online contact form to reach out with questions or call (215) 437-7854.


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