Finding the Ideal Immigration Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

Finding the Ideal Immigration Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA - Voloshen Law Firm, P.C.

Everyone knows that a good immigration lawyer should have the right qualifications and a good track record of success. But what else should you be looking for? Good lawyers have all these attributes, but other skills, such as being able to personally connect with their clients and really understanding them, make a lawyer great. After all, a large part of being a lawyer is dealing with people on a daily basis! In this blog post, we\’ll be highlighting what you need in a great immigration lawyer, and why Voloshen Law Firm is the best choice for an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. 


Immigration in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has undergone some rapid changes in the last few decades. According to, Philadelphia saw a rise from 7 to 14% in the number of foreign-born city dwellers between 1990 and 2019. In addition, 23% of people in the city speak a foreign language at home, highlighting just how multicultural and tolerant Philadelphia is. But, where there’s a high amount of immigration, there’s always the need for immigration lawyers, and Philadelphia is no different. Sifting through the high number of immigration lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, is time-consuming and, just because there are many immigration lawyers out there, it doesn\’t mean all of them are good! In the next section, we\’ll be explaining what you should look for in an immigration lawyer and why Voloshen Law Firm ticks all the boxes.


What To Look for in an Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA


The Right Qualifications 

Every lawyer needs to have the minimum required qualifications. But you should demand more. Here at Voloshen Law Firm, our partner and lead attorney, Igor Voloshen, not only graduated with a law degree at West Virginia University College of Law, but he is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the New Jersey Bar Association (NJSBA), and the American Bar Association (ABA). Very few immigration lawyers in the US can boast such an accomplished résumé. 

The Right Experience

A lawyer with little experience is more likely to make rookie mistakes—not something that you want from your immigration lawyer! Luckily for you, Igor Voloshen has a wealth of experience that makes him stand out from the rest. In 2016, he was included in the Top 100 Lawyers in immigration law and, in 2017, he was included in the Top 40 Immigration Lawyers Under 40 in the state of Pennsylvania. This just goes to show that age doesn\’t equal experience.

Connecting With Clients

One area where many immigration lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, fail is being able to connect with their clients. It\’s vitally important that you choose an immigration lawyer that you can have a connection with, who is a good communicator and is also empathetic. Voloshen Law Firm exceeds in this area. Igor Voloshen can converse with clients in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and the firm can even offer services in Spanish—making us the ideal choice for clients that speak these languages. We regularly take on clients from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Central America. 


Deciding on the Perfect Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA


Taking all of these factors into account is essential when deciding on an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. If you\’d like expert legal representation from a highly qualified and vastly experienced immigration lawyer, look no further than Voloshen Law Firm. Our focus on connecting with clients and empathizing with their needs is what sets us apart from the rest!

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