Summer Injuries and Premises Liability

Summer is a time when people are more active—especially if they live in the northern half of the US where winters can be particularly cold. But, with so many people heading out and being active in the warm weather, there\’s an increased risk of injury. Injuries can happen anywhere, including residential homes and apartments. When they occur on public sites, there could be cause for a liability suit if the injury can be proven to be preventable or caused by negligence. In this blog post, we\’ll explain some of the most common summer injuries that take place in public places and how you could have a liability claim.

Heading to a Beach

Beaches are notorious places for injury. As they say, the sea can be a cruel mistress, and those that venture into the sea need to ensure they are well prepared. If you decide to swim in the ocean, make sure there is a lifeguard stationed nearby to ensure your safety. One of the most common injuries on a beach is stepping on broken shards of glass or metal. This can slice into your foot and cause serious damage. If you’re visiting a beach, the owner may be liable for any injury caused by not keeping the beach in good condition.

A Fun Day Out at the Amusement Park

Everyone loves a fun day out at the amusement park, right? This is one of the country\’s favorite pastimes, but some dangers lurk in this world of fun. While amusement parks are rigorously checked for safety, there is always a danger of sustaining an injury. Every year, people suffer from bumps, bruises, whiplash, and even more serious injuries such as broken bones and brain injuries. When visiting an amusement park, ensure you follow all the safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury. If you\’re injured while following all the safety procedures, the amusement park owners could be liable.

Rainy Day Movie Theatres



So, summer\’s here, but the weather is not as you\’d hoped. What do you do? You head to the movies! Movie theatres are great places for when summer plans change last minute, and they may seem safe, but there are hidden dangers you should consider. One of the biggest complaints from movie theatres is accidentally tripping and falling—especially when stairs are involved. With such low light in the screen rooms, it\’s not surprising that this issue can cause injury. If you are at a movie theatre and trip and fall due to low light, the company might be responsible for your injury. In this situation, you could be entitled to compensation.

Summer is a time for getting out and having fun, but fun should always come with a warning sign. When you\’re out and about, places you visit have a duty of care and, if your injury happens due to negligence or incompetence, you could be entitled to compensation. In this situation, you\’ll need to get yourself a lawyer that understands the intricacies of premises liability. Here at Voloshen Law Firm, we have in-depth knowledge of civil litigation law and when you are entitled to compensation for other people\’s mistakes. If you think you have a liability claim, give us a call today at (215) 437-7854.


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