Top News Stories US Immigration Law for June 2021

Top News Stories US Immigration Law for June 2021
 Immigration Update – Resumption of the Immigration Hearings All over the US

There has been a lot of change in the first six months of 2021 concerning immigration in the US. With a new administration in the White House, there have been significant changes to how the US welcomes and administers immigrants. In this blog post, we\’ll look at some of the latest news stories so you know exactly what\’s going on and whether some of these changes could impact you or your family.

IER Has Been Relaunched for Entrepreneurs Hoping to Start a Business in the US

The International Entrepreneur Rule has gone back and forth since it was introduced by President Obama back in 2016. The new administration has reignited its interest in this rule which will allow entrepreneurs that meet all the requirements to earn a 30-month visa with a possibility of having it extended. To qualify for the IER, you must have a substantial ownership interest in a start-up and have an active or central role in the future and growth of the company. In addition, any business must have been created within 5 years of the application for residency and there must be at least $250,000 invested by US investors or $100,000 in federal, state, or local government awards and grants.

If you’re interested in applying for residency through the IER, you will need to start by filling out the I-941 form.

US Citizens Can Travel Back to the US Using an Expired Passport until December 31, 2021

With so much disruption to travel due to the global pandemic, the US Government has extended the grace period for US citizens to return to the country on an expired passport. As many passport offices around the world are still closed, many people have been unable to renew their passports. This grace period enables US citizens to continue to stay safe while abroad without risking complications at the US border once they return.



There Is Still a Significant US Immigration Backlog

If you’re waiting for the US immigration service to get back to you on your application, you’re going to need to be very patient. With the changes to immigration law that have taken place in the past six months, there has been a huge number of applications for visas which has caused a massive backlog. In fact, this backlog is said to be over 2.6 million applications as things stand but rest assured that the immigration service will diligently work their way through all the applications as fast as they can!

The Ban on Immigration from Majority Muslim Countries Has Been Revoked

President Biden revoked the Trump-era ban on travelers from certain majority Muslim countries in April 2021. Anyone from these select few countries can now formally apply for residency in the US if they meet the necessary requirements. 

Secure the Services of a Great Immigration Lawyer to Ensure the Best Chances of Success

There are major shifts in US immigration law taking place now. If you’re hoping to traverse this tricky system, you should get yourself a qualified and highly experienced immigration lawyer to help you every step of the way. Here at Voloshen Law Firm, we have some of the most experienced immigration law experts in the business. Give us a call today (215) 437-7854 to find out how we can help you in your quest to achieve residency in the US.


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