Best Russian Speaking Immigration Law Firm in Pennsylvania and Florida

Best Russian Speaking Immigration Law Firm in Pennsylvania and Florida

When it comes to your future in the US, you need someone in your corner who you know is going to fight on your behalf with everything they have. Many immigrants that come to the US don\’t speak English as soon as they arrive. These people are at an unfair disadvantage as the whole immigration process is in English. If you\’re worried about finding a lawyer that speaks your language, look no further! Here at Voloshen Law Firm, we’ll fight for your right to stay in the country you know and love.

A Country With a Great History of Immigration

The US has a rich history of different immigrant groups coming to a new land to make a better life. At Voloshen Law Firm, we want this great tradition of immigration to the US to continue—after all, it’s what makes the US such a special place! With our guidance, you can be sure your case will stand the best chance of success.

Russian Speaking Specialists in the US Immigration Law

At Voloshen Law Firm, our legal staff speak fluent Russian and specialize in helping with all aspects of the immigration process to the US for people from Russian-speaking countries. Having someone by your side who can speak your language is very important for success. It ensures that no instructions or explanations are lost in translation which could be crucial for a successful case.

In addition, having a lawyer who speaks your language is vital for a personal connection—another important factor for any successful lawyer-client relationship. Going through the US immigration system can be a traumatic experience and having someone by your side who can give you moral support in a familiar language is a very valuable asset.

Russian Speaking Law Firm in Pennsylvania and Florida

Voloshen Law Firm, we have offices in Pennsylvania and Florida, where we\’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully migrate to the US and take on the US immigration system. Many of our clients speak Russian and little to no English, however, some speak fluent English but prefer to speak with us in Russian because they find it more comforting and homely. For us at Voloshen Law Firm, we want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we can operate in both English and Russian—it’s completely up to the client how they would like to communicate.

Are You Looking for a Russian Speaking Immigration Law Firm to Represent You?

If you’re looking for an immigration law specialist that speaks both Russian and English, look no further than Voloshen Law Firm. Our dedicated team of lawyers and paralegals understand the complexities of immigration in the US and will fight your corner with the years of expertise and knowledge they have under their belts. If Russian is your first language or a language you prefer to operate in, we will be more than happy to accommodate you and your family with our legal services. Give us a call today: (215) 437-7854 so that we could help you with your case.


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