What Can I Do if My Immigration Case Is Taking Too Long?

Immigration Case

The gears of the immigration process are notorious for grinding slowly. If there are missing documents or incorrect information, the process slows more. You want a full-service immigration lawyer like Voloshen Law to dot every I and cross every T for you. This, alone, helps move your case along.

Nonetheless, some cases get stuck in the system, and you really need to get the ball rolling. Your situation changed, and immigration becomes a high priority. What can you do if your immigration case is taking too long?


You can request that your case be expedited. The USCIS considers such requests on a case-by-case basis. You may well have to provide extra documents to prove your need, with which your legal representative, like those we provide at Voloshen Law, can help. There are specific criteria that allow for a petition.

  • Severe Financial Loss: One example is that of a physician whose practice (or employer’s practice) collapses. Denying an expedited request means potentially denying the public of essential health services.
  • Emergencies: Disability, terrible living conditions, death, illness, and a vulnerable person’s safety all qualify for an expedite request.
  • Government Interest: If the US Department of Defense, Labor, Justice, Security, or Homeland Security are allowed to request expeditions when public safety or national security are in play.
  • An Employer’s Request: If you are a necessary player in your job, the company may advocate for an expedited immigration case.
Immigration Case 2


It’s not unusual for an immigration case to take upward of a year for normal processing. Since Covid19, those times have grown, sometimes 15 months for a green card. If everything checks out, you can try and expedite your case or have a lawyer do it for you.

Steps for Expediting Immigration

  1. Confirm that you qualify for an expedited processing request. You will need your receipt notice, which you get via mail after you file your petition.
  2. Get in touch with USCIS (1-800-375-52830). After getting your receipt notice, call the USCIS. The operator will use your notice number to forward you to the right service center for your case. Be prepared to wait on hold for a while.
  3. Speak with the USCIS officer. They will ask you for identifying information,. including the receipt number. Once they place your request, you’ll get a confirmation number. KEEP IT SOMEWHERE SAFE.
  4. Tracking the process. You use your service request number to track your case.
  5. Paperwork: You will receive a request for documentation that supports your reason for the request. Note that you can only reply to this email one time, so make sure you include everything for which they’ve asked.
  6. Answers: You should get a reply about your case within 7 business days. They will email you via the address you provided when you first applied.

Hiring a Professional

There is no question that hiring a professional lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, like Voloshen Law, will serve you well. They will guide you through the process and help ensure your application is ready and well-prepared.

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