Exploring Options for Family-Based Immigration: Bringing Loved Ones Together.

Family Based

In the process of immigrating, people often become separated from their families. Perhaps they came for a job. Or, a person may be getting a higher education or intend to marry. No matter the reason, it’s not unusual for families to want to explore options for family-based immigration. They miss their relatives but aren’t sure about the process of bringing loved ones together.

Family Based Visas

As a full-service immigration lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, Voloshen Law has experience in helping people take steps toward full United States citizenship.

First, the family member(s) must have a sponsor who is a US citizen or Lawful Permanent resident. Other necessities include having someone to whom you are related. There are two groups in family-based visas. One is an immediate relative, while the other is a family preference immigrant.

Immediate Relatives Include

  • Orphans adopted in a foreign land by a US citizen or ones whose adoption is still pending
  • Unmarried children of US Citizens
  • A US citizens spouse

The Family Preference Category Includes four categories, starting with those who have higher priority.

  • The first preference is unmarried children of US Citizens, including their minor children
  • Second comes the adult children, minor children, and spouses of legal permanent residents.
  • Third is the married children of US citizens, their children, and spouses
  • And finally, fourth are the siblings of an adult US Citizen along with their spouses and minor children


Sometimes there are issues with a family visa. If the person seeking the visa violated any immigration laws, was working an unauthorized job, or if they are already going through the deportation process, they may be barred. In this instance, a legal representative like the professionals at Voloshen Law could step in and work out the complications.

Family Based 2

Helping Your Parents

Helping your parents with getting a green card is one of the easiest processes. If you are a US citizen, just begin the petition process (Form l-130). Adopted children may have a little harder time. Immigration Services places parents on a high-priority list. Note you must sponsor as a permanent resident. If you’re not, begin the process of naturalization.

Seeking Legal Help

When you talk to immigration lawyers, nearly everyone asks you for proof of your relationship. Types of documents that work include:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Certificate of death
  • Marriage Certificate

The sponsor for the family-based visa must also provide proof that they can support the family member. One (or several) W2s might suffice, or your last tax return.

As you might imagine, the process of filing for green cards can get tricky. As immigration lawyers in Bucks County, Pa, Voloshen Law stands by to answer your questions and seek resolutions. You received personalized services, not cookie-cutter replies. Our goal is to put everything you need together, then figure out the best way to proceed.

You can reach us at (215) 437-7854 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you complete the green card process.


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