What to Expect in the 2021 H-1B Visa Lottery

What to Expect in the 2021 H-1B Visa Lottery

Every year, hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants apply for the extremely competitive H-1B visa and their chance to make a life for themselves here in the US. The USCIS has placed a limit on the number of H-1B visas processed every year, making it a highly anticipated annual lottery. In this blog post, we\’ll explain what to expect for the H-1B visa lottery for 2021. We\’ll also explain how you can make sure your application has the best chance of being accepted should it be chosen.

The 2021 H-1b Visa Lottery – What to Expect

An Increased Number of Registrations

The change in administration here in the US is likely to affect the H-1B visa lottery in several ways. Firstly, there will be an increase in the number of applicants as the new administration has made immigration reform a major part of its agenda. The new H-1B registration system that came into force last year allows candidates to put together an application more easily, reducing the number of applications that fail due to mistakes. 

No More Premium Processing

There is a chance that premium processing won’t be available in the coming year. Last year, premium processing was only introduced later in the immigration season. If premium processing is offered this year, it’s also likely they will increase the premium processing price to $2,500.

There Could Be a Second Lottery

As there was a second lottery in August of 2020, this could take place this year despite the increase in the number of applications and registrations. Last year, the USCIS didn\’t reach its quota of 85,000 H-1B processed visas and this could happen again if not enough visas are filled in correctly or many are rejected.



Expect More Interviews

Interviews for the H-1B visa have always been at the discretion of the USCIS officers. However, they have become more commonplace over the last few years and this trend is set to continue for this year. Interviews will likely become mandatory sometime in the near future. 

The Prevailing Wage Rule Will Likely Be Delayed

The Prevailing Wage Rule will likely be delayed because the new administration is yet to review and make changes to the changes made by the previous administration. Furthermore, there are pending court hearings on this subject that make this likely to be delayed until at least the end of 2021. The Prevailing Wage Rule prioritizes applicants that work in higher wage-earning industries.

Getting Yourself Prepared for the 2021-2022 H-1b Visa Lottery

The best thing you can do to get yourself prepared for the 2021-2022 H-1B visa lottery is to get yourself an experienced and qualified immigration lawyer. They can help you make sure your registration is filed correctly so it doesn\’t fall at the first hurdle during the review process. They can also help make sure your employer has filled in their side of the documentation correctly. Lastly, they can fight your corner should your application be rejected. Having an expert who knows how to correctly argue and appeal these decisions and advise you on your next move gives you the best chance of success should complications arise.

Here at Voloshen Law Firm, our team of experienced immigration lawyers has helped thousands of clients successfully emigrate to the US on the H-1B visa. With us by your side, you\’ll stand the best chance of success and achieving your dreams of pursuing a career in the US. Give us a call today or contact us through our website for more information on how we can help you.


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